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What is a Fluency Enhancer?

Long Island Stuttering & Speech Pathology would like to share about a device that's used to support stuttering therapy - the Fluency Enhancer (FE)!

The Fluency Enhancer contains biofeedback circuits that profoundly affect the speech of individuals who stutter. Since it is combined with a behavior modification conditioning protocol, the Fluency Enhancer is only used during therapy in the clinic and at home. There is no need to wear it in public.

Many individuals have experienced instantaneous and complete fluency using the FE along with the protocol. The significant difference between the Enhancer and other fluency devices is that the Enhancer represents a successful marriage of technique and technology, establishing a permanent change in fluency in a shorter period of time.

A protocol for the use of the FE in therapy is also available. If you would like more information about using this therapy tool for Fluency Disorders, please contact us.


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