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At Long Island Stuttering & Speech Pathology, we take a holistic approach to speech therapy by integrating each client's personal, medical, emotional, and educational needs. Our team of experienced speech therapists works with families, children, teens, and adults.


Our services begin with a comprehensive evaluation to determine each client's strengths and communication challenges. We take time to put all the pieces together, consider each client as a whole, and determine the best possible treatment approach. Our evaluation process may include a combination of the following:

  • Case history information

  • Client and/or parent interview

  • Clinical observation

  • Formal testing


After the evaluation is complete, we will provide a written evaluation report with our recommendations.

Individualized Therapy

Long Island Stuttering & Speech Pathology provides therapy services to children, teens, and adults - both in person and online when appropriate. Our motivating and functional speech therapy sessions may include: 

  • Play scenarios

  • Digital activities

  • Targeted practice

  • Listening programs

  • Role playing

  • Daily language tasks

  • Book reading

  • Caregiver coaching


We tailor our approach to the needs of each client and work alongside families, school staff members, and other health care professionals to ensure that our clients meet their communication goals.

Our specialties

Speech Sound Disorders

  • Speaking more clearly 

  • Producing all age-appropriate speech sounds

  • Coordinating speech movements

  • Gaining confidence to communicate in all situations

Child with articulation difficulty working on speech sounds during speech therapy

Late Talkers

  • Using gestures and first words

  • Expressing needs, wants, and thoughts without frustration

  • Teaching parents and caregivers strategies to build on language skills during daily activities

Child working with a speech therapist on improving social skills through play therapy

Social & Pragmatic Language Challenges

  • Developing emotional regulation skills and strategies

  • Experiencing positive interactions with other children and adults

  • Understanding social language

  • Building positive relationships 

A late talker working to learn speech and langauge skills with a speech therapist

Receptive & Expressive Language Disorders

  • Understanding spoken and written language

  • Expressing thoughts clearly and self-advocating for needs

  • Asking and answering questions

  • Improving academic success

Child in speech therapy to improve language skills

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

  • Understanding stories, directions, passages, and spoken words

  • Focusing in noisy environments

  • Improving performance in listening, speaking, and reading tasks

  • Gaining strategies for school/work

Child working on auditory processing skills during speech therapy

Reading & Dyslexia

  • Building pre-reading skills

  • Supporting sound/letter knowledge for reading and spelling

  • Decoding, reading comprehension, and reading fluency skills

  • Guiding success through evidence-based literacy programs like Lively Letters and Orton-Gillingham

Child with dyslexia working on improving reading and writing skills during literacy therapy


  • Gaining strategies for successful communication 

  • Using, combining, and understanding words

  • Fostering social participation and interaction with others

Man with aphasia in speech therapy to work on communication after a stroke


  • Heal from vocal pathologies such as nodules or chronic hoarse voice

  • Strengthen your vocal cords​

  • Learn about vocal health

  • Gain strategies to increase speaking endurance 

Get Started Today!

Long Island Stuttering & Speech Pathology is accepting new clients for speech, stuttering, feeding, and myofunctional therapy. Online services are accessible to individuals throughout New York state, and clinic-based services are offered to residents of Long Island.

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